FUSION RECAP: CIMA Challenges Jacob Fatu For World Heavyweight Title On Fusion 100

The 100th episode of MLW Fusion is about pain for Jacob Fatu and he plans to do that to his Stronghearts adversary, CIMA who challenges the Samoan Werewolf for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight. “CIMA, you see my fist? It’s got your name on it,” Fatu foreshadows. But before we witness such a massive main event, we’re graced with a massive opener as the Team Filthy mercenary in Erick Stevens go up against your 2019 Opera Cup Winner, Davey Boy Smith Jr…

You can check out full results @ https://mlw.com/2020/03/08/fusion-recap-cima-challenges-jacob-fatu-for-world-heavyweight-title-on-fusion-100

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