Sluggin’ with Steven O’Neil featuring ‘The Night Train’ Justin Sane

The following interview is part of an exclusive interview series courtesy of CWN Contributor Steven O’Neil. Steven has been a fan of Pro-Wrestling for the past 30+ years and on top of his love for the business, he has also lent his voice to several podcasts over the past year.

What do you do in your spare time when you aren’t wrestling, or training?
Training clients, eating, making programs, and recording online content.

What is your favourite wrestling themed podcast or YouTube channel?
My favourite podcast is Wrestling With Myself, Straight Talk Wrestling, and This Is Brendone. There’s honestly so many. I just like when people can have easy organic conversations with anyone. It’s never awkward. My favourite YouTube channel is probably NELK.

What was the moment that made you decide to pursue wrestling as a career?
I’ve been doing this for over 15 years now. And believe it or not, it was 3 years ago after I had ACL surgery and returned in 9 months. That gave me the confidence to believe that I could actually do this for the long run. I didn’t realize how much I actually loved it.

How do your friends/family feel about your wrestling?
In the beginning, most of them couldn’t care less. But right now I have the strongest support group that anyone could ever ask for. They just like seeing me happy.

How do you balance family/relationships while pursuing your wrestling career?
Realistically if you 100% want it as a career then it has to be #1 unfortunately. It’s very hard to balance it. Best thing to do is find a career that gives you flexibility, and find someone who understands what you’re trying to accomplish.

What does a typical training day look like for you?
Currently since gyms are closed due to COVID-19, I just pick a random bunch of exercises that I’d force myself to complete everyday. Example: Today is 200 Pull Ups and 10 minutes of strict handstand work. I workout here and there throughout the day in between clients.

What does the diet of a pro-wrestler look like?
I honestly couldn’t tell you. Everyone (has a) totally different way of eating. Typically for me, I just try and get in 180 grams of protein and 1lbs of potatoes a day. Food is fuel. Find what works for you. Without energy you can’t perform. And when you can’t perform, you stink.

What do you think is a common misconception about wrestling that people have?
Probably that it’s 100% fake and that we use a trampoline. I honestly wish the second part was true.

If you had to wear a WARNING label, what would it say?
Railroad Crossing.

In an alternate universe where wrestling doesn’t exist – what are you doing instead?
Work wise? Personal training. Hobby wise? Starting a cooking channel.

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