Sluggin’ with Steven O’Neil featuring Rex ‘The Boot’ Atkins

The following interview is part of an exclusive interview series courtesy of CWN Contributor Steven O’Neil. Steven has been a fan of Pro-Wrestling for the past 30+ years and on top of his love for the business, he has also lent his voice to several podcasts over the past year.

What do you do in your spare time when you aren’t wrestling, or training?
When I’m not wrestling or training, which for the past year has been all the time, I’m usually working on the morning show I do with Eric Cairnie and Joe Hallam. That’s been keeping me very busy and definitely helping with the lack of wrestling.

What is your favourite wrestling themed podcast or YouTube channel?
I actually don’t listen to a lot of wrestling based podcasts. I used to listen to Colt Cabana years ago, and now if I listen to anything wrestling it’ll probably be ‘Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard’ and Conrad Thompson or Arn Anderson’s show.

What was the moment that made you decide to pursue wrestling as a career?
It was definitely around the time I started attending Neo Spirit wrestling shows in Niagara Falls that I made the choice that I wanted to do this. Those were my very first independent shows I had ever seen or heard of and they made a great impression on me.

How do your friends/family feel about your wrestling?
Some of my biggest supporters are my family, but of course, my great aunt Betty hates it. She’s probably the only family member of mine to openly tell me she dislikes it. She makes me smile when I hear her complain about it! She’s a peach.

How do you balance family/relationships while pursuing your wrestling career?
Being a weekend warrior is much easier to balance family and wrestling. It’s the lengthy tours that really put a damper on those things. Luckily I figured out a way to pay my bills with wrestling when touring so I wouldn’t need a job when I’d get home. So all my time at home would be focused on family and friends. Now it’s super easy because I’m not wrestling anywhere!

What does a typical training day look like for you?
Depends on what I’m doing. Nowadays with the lack of wrestling, I really haven’t been training much. I suppose now I can almost treat each event differently and prepare accordingly for that specific bout.

What does the diet of a pro-wrestler look like?
Depends on the wrestler. Believe me, I’m not guy to answer that question! Save that one for Ethan Page.

What do you think is a common misconception about wrestling that people have?
I think the way wrestling looks right now is the misconception. Because of what’s popular now, people are forgetting about the emotional tie in with stories. It’s starting to look like an acrobat show, and people are beginning to think that’s just what wrestling is. I’d take goosebumps over real bumps any day.

If you had to wear a WARNING label, what would it say?
Do Not Feed After Midnight.

In an alternate universe where wrestling doesn’t exist – what are you doing instead?

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