PCO on his current RoH run and his career

PCO is one of pro wrestling’s most remarkable stories. He worked in major promotions as Quebecer Pierre, Pierre Carl Ouellet, and Jean-Pierre Lafitte in the early 90s’ to early 00s’. In 2018, the man formerly known by those monikers completely reinvented his wrestling character with the introduction of PCO (Perfect Creation One). He became the “French-Canadian Frankenstein” alongside his devious mastermind of a manager, D.Destro…

You can check out the full interview @ https://slamwrestling.net/index.php/2021/07/09/pco-on-his-current-run-in-ring-of-honor-best-in-the-world-2021-young-talent-and-reflecting-on-his-past

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