TNT: Thursday Night Throwdown | Episode 11 ft. ‘The Wavemaker’ Kyle Boone

Check out the eleventh episode of TNT: Thursday Night Throwdown, a LIVE weekly vidcast based in Canada focusing on Pro-Wrestling, Canadian Independent Wrestling and much more as CWN Founder & Editor Chris Maloney and Shawn Bates of the Scumbags of Wrestling were joined by fellow Scumbag Chris ‘Jonesy’ Jones to share their thoughts on COVID-19 and the effect it is having on the industry, ‘The British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith getting inducted into WWE Hall of Fame – Class of 2020, David Starr and his exit from wXw, Colby Corino in the NWA, Gronk in the WWE, AEW vs. NXT, the latest in Canadian Independent Wrestling including an announcement by Nug Nahrgang of #AftermathTV featuring Mid Western Wrestling, the Ontario Indy Wrestling March Madness Tournament, the OIW Podcast Network, TNT on Patreon, our LIVE interview with up-and-coming star ‘The Wavemaker’ Kyle Boone and much more!

TNT: Thursday Night Throwdown detonates LIVE every Thursday night @ 8PM ET on Facebook Live & YouTube and you can check out the eleventh episode at the following links ?



Anchor (Audio Only):–Episode-11-ft–The-Wavemaker-Kyle-Boone-ebft5o

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