‘Dark Side of the Ring’ Creators Talk Season 3 and Brian Pillman’s Tumultuous Career

Any great wrestling event needs a great opening match, and Dark Side of the Ring, VICE TV’s documentary series about wrestling’s most controversial stories, has always succeeded on the back of that logic. The show’s first season premiere told the story of Bruiser Brody’s murder, and season two kicked off with an intimate two-part look at the shocking Chris Benoit story. When Dark Side returns on May 6, season three is introduced with a two-part epic about the gun-wielding “loose cannon” Brian Pillman…

You can check out the full interview @ https://www.vice.com/en/article/m7ee3p/dark-side-of-the-ring-creators-talk-season-3-and-brian-pillmans-tumultuous-career

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