OntarioIndyWrestling.com has returned!

In 2006, I had the honour of hosting a podcast with Emanuel ‘The E-Man’ Melo devoted to Ontario Indy Wrestling. He owned and operated OntarioIndyWrestling.com and who else to host a podcast with than Mr. Ontario Indy Wrestling himself.

If one thing Manny was famous for was the amount of photos he had taken ringside at events all over the province of Ontario. Technology and websites weren’t the same back then as they are now but if you were at an Ontario Indy Wrestling event and Manny was there, you would eagerly look for his event photos shortly thereafter.

It’s now 2021 and OntarioIndyWrestling.com is back up and running! I had to do a double-take on Manny’s Facebook post but yes, OntarioIndyWrestling.com is back up and running.

Back in the day, the website had over 100,000 photos on it. Yes, you read that correctly. On top of his OG message board that has never seen retirement, it’ll be interesting to see how many photos The E-Man is able to recover.

You can proudly check out his website @ https://www.ontarioindywrestling.com

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