Making Maxwell

There is a very likely chance that in their journey through life, everyone will encounter at least one individual who massively overcompensates for their deficiencies in some fashion. Perhaps you yourself are that individual, self-aware or not, and have found ways to cover your weaknesses with a different kind of strength. There can be healthy level of this, like striving for peak achievement at an individual sport, say professional wrestling, because one’s interpersonal skills are not their strongest suit. But it doesn’t take much to tip from healthy behavior to that of an unhealthy bent, to turn that overcompensation into a negative aspect of one’s life, say in the case of an individual whose self-confidence is lacking but they present as supremely confident in public. Their overcompensation turns to narcissism, their behavior becomes repugnant, possibly to the point that neither they, nor the individuals who are captivated by them, even realize the depth of their trauma…

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