Rich Swann Joins Sami Callihan’s Team for Under Siege Showdown With The Design

Despite the doubts of Angels and Kon, Sami Callihan‘s betrayal of The Design was something that Deaner never saw coming. When Callihan assaulted the group’s leader with his signature baseball bat, the grueling initiation process that he endured suddenly became worth it. But recently on IMPACT!, Callihan fell victim to the numbers game and came to the realization that if he wants to take out The Design for good, he’s going to need some backup. We now know that at Under Siege, The Design will face off against Sami Callihan and two partners of his choosing in a six-man tag team grudge match – that is, if he can find anyone who is willing to join his cause. Callihan has succeeded in finding at least one partner for Under Siege, as he reunites with longtime friend – and enemy – Rich Swann…

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