‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey Setting a Ferocious Pace in TNA–And Throughout Wrestling

The best wrestler in the world you likely aren’t watching? “Speedball” Mike Bailey holds that distinction. But it won’t last for long. After signing with TNA in November of 2021, the time feels ripe for a run at the world title. That is foreign territory for Bailey, yet it is the natural next step. While he is currently working in a tag team at the moment, it feels inevitable that “Speedball” will get his chance to shine in the main event this July when TNA travels to Canada. With Slammiversary taking place in Montreal, Quebec–not far from where he grew up–there is no better time than the present…

You can check out the full article @ https://www.si.com/fannation/wrestling/tna/speedball-mike-bailey-setting-a-ferocious-pace-in-tna-and-throughout-wrestling

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