Carter Mason vs. Tyson Dux at London Taco Fest 2021 | 08.28.2021
Demand Lucha presented ‘The King Of The North’ Carter Mason defending the Lucha Premier Championship against ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Tyson Dux at London Taco Fest 2021 at Covent Garden Market in London, Ontario.

Hammerlock Pure Wrestling in Strathroy, ON | 07.16.2022
Hammerlock Pure Wrestling was LIVE at the Portuguese Canadian Club of Strathroy in Strathroy, Ontario featuring Tyson Dux battling Mick ‘Brickhouse’ McGuire for the inaugural Hammerlock Pure Wrestling Championship in the Main Event and much more.

Smash Wrestling: Homecoming in London, ON | 08.07.2022
Smash Wrestling made their long-awaited return and presented Homecoming LIVE at the London Music Hall in London, Ontario featuring ‘The REMIX of Professional Wrestling’ Kevin Bennett defending the Smash Wrestling Championship against ‘The King of the North’ Carter Mason in the Main Event and much more.

Smash Wrestling: International Fight Night! in London, ON | 09.17.2022
Smash Wrestling presented International Fight Night! LIVE at the Western Fair District in London, Ontario featuring ‘The Demon Assassin’ Rosemary defending the Smash Wrestling Women’s Championship against Nikita and much more.