Emile Dupre dead at 86: The wrestling years

Emile Goguen, who wrestled as “Golden Boy” Emile Dupree or Dupre, and later promoted in Atlantic Canada for decades, has died. He was 86. There are truly two stories to tell in looking back on his wrestling life. First, he was a babyface who headlined in many places across the United States and Australia, learning his trade in the ring and behind the scenes. Then he became a promoter, running a summer territory that drew all kinds of talent for the setting of the Maritimes — beautiful scenery, smaller towns, shorter drives, fishing — as much as the paid work itself….

You can check out the full article @ https://slamwrestling.net/index.php/2023/09/17/emile-dupre-dead-at-86-the-wrestling-years

CWN would like to send our thoughts, prayers and strength out to the family, friends and fans of Emile Duprée.

#RIPEmileDuprée 🙏

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